We Made It!

Sorry for the delay…I blame long days and a lack of WiFi. But in case you were wondering WE MADE IT TO NEEDLES!

We left the Blue Swallow Motel around 8AM. Well…make that closer to 8:05AM (they almost left me in Tucumcari!)


After a couple of hours, we found the singing highway in Tijeras, NM.


The blue sign says “Reduce speed to 45 MPH to hear the song!”

Soon after that, we arrived in Albuquerque where we made an extended pit stop for donuts, thrift shops, and lunch.

The tricky part about finding lunch was it was a Friday during Lent (no meat!) While Mom popped into one last thrift shop, Glenda and I decided to cross a busy street with no crosswalks to a restaurant on the other side called The Grill. One glance at the menu told us there was no fish to be had. We asked the lady at the front counter if there was a place nearby that did have fish. She said to ask the man sitting behind us, so we did. He said, “Yeah, here!” We were slightly confused, but it turned out that he was the owner of the restaurant. He had some fish in stock for his own personal use, but he offered to make us 3 servings just because we asked! (Thanks, Phil!)

After Albuquerque we drove almost straight to Laughlin–our goal for the night.We arrived in Laughlin, NV late Friday night and drove the final half hour on Saturday.




STATES VISITED: 4 (New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California)

Current Location: Needles, CA

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