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Pottering Around

I recently enrolled in a handbuilding class at a local pottery studio. From my understanding, “handbuilding” basically refers to anything not made using a wheel or pour molds (i.e.: coil work, pinch pots, slab construction, tiles, sculpting, etc.)

I’ve found the class very fun and I’ve learned a lot in a few short months. I figured I’d brag a little and share some of my favorite pieces here on my blog.


Droid 4-1-18 003

Hump-mold bowl with lace doily for texture.


Glazing is an art in and of itself. Some benefit from a simple glaze that accents textures, others work well with colorful glazes.

Droid 4-1-18 008

I threw one piece in my class–this tiny bowl.


Other pieces work best with selective glazing or no glaze at all.

Droid 4-10-18 080

Pinch pot with big red for clay body.

Droid 4-10-18 084

Droid 4-10-18 086

Crazy coil planter!


Sometimes you can use underglazes to accent textures.

Droid 4-10-18 089

Tiny jewelry box made using slab construction techniques.


Or you can layer glazes, like I did for the band on this basket.

Droid 4-10-18 070

NOTE: clay can be difficult to weave into a basket.


Like I said, I’ve really enjoyed this class. I’m hoping to keep it up and make more cool creations like this guy:

Droid 4-10-18 061

Octopus sculpture.